Through divine guidance, or so one young priestess claims, five people were brought together, from far and wide to journey a path. Not even she knew to what end this path would lead, though her connection to her faith drove her ever on. Despite the objections some or her companions had throughout their long travels once the five were gathered, all felt compelled to go along, whether by their own curiosity, their faith or something else entirely.

The road was not an easy one, lasting nearly a year from the time two became five. There were trials on the road that tested their mettle and through their combined strength, they came out none the worse. When all was done, finally they arrived in the city from the young priestess’s visions, and stood before the city of Restov standing watch on the southern border of Brevoy.

Though weary from the long road they had traveled to finally arrive at this bastion of civilization, they were eager being so close to their long sought objective. As they moved with determination through the bustling streets of this city, they heard many things, from an independent Restov to expansionism to personal duel challenges to the latest trends in far off lands. The city was a whirlwind of activity which threatened to swallow them up, when the young priestess proclaimed that they had arrived.

And as all looked up, they saw a stone built mansion with an open gate at the front and a path leading to heavy wooden doors. An elaborate rune was etched into the stone pillars on each side of the entryway and each knew that this was not the end, but only the beginning.

There was no flash of lightning, or menacing dragon, or portent of doom before them – Only doors that stood stoically, the failing sun as late afternoon drifted into early evening and what rested within the mansion.

And so the next step on the path must now be taken…

The Path to Sanctuary

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